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Target Systemelektronik

The Target U100 is the most advanced digital tube base for a variety of scintillator based radiation measurement applications. It provides outstanding performance in single detector monitoring applications as well as in highly sophisticated multi-parameter settings. Two high precision 310 MHz ADCs digitize both anode and dynode signals with 14 bit resolution.

U100 Schema

The unique design allows for digital signal processing accuracy and features which have not been available in conventional systems. Thus a dynamic range of 1:1,000,000, e.g. 100 eV to 100 MeV, can be achieved with a single detector attached. The timing accuracy with external triggering is in the picosecond range. Time tagged events are transferred as list mode data over the Gigabit Ethernet connection at more than 1 million cps throughput.

A ground breaking patented gain stabilization works without LEDs or radioactive sources. It compensates for PMT temperature effects as well as high count rate shifts.

Integration without any effort

The onboard dual core ARM processor runs the built-in browser based MCA software package. No external drivers or other software packages are required. Any web browser application connected via Ethernet is sufficient. The Target U100 comes with a HTTP REST interface for state of the art integration into third party application software and larger multi-parameter system structures.

Webinterface Spectrum
Web interface with spectrum page...
Webinterface High Voltage Calibration
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... timing calibration and...
Webinterface API Documentation
... API documentation.

Proven performance

High-throughput fast timing and energy spectroscopy performed with Bremsstrahlung @ ELBE (HZDR), June 18-19, 2015
OncoRay – National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology, Dresden, Germany

(preliminary data, final results to be published in IEEE TNS)

  • Detector load: 2.1 Mcps @ 708 kcps throughput
  • 3.2 Mcps @ 805 kcps throughput
  • Undistorted spectroscopy at 700 kcps throughput / 2 Mcps detector load
  • Time resolution of 170 … 220 ps (FWHM) confirmed with 2”× 1“… 2”× 2” CeBr3