For the love of innovation

Since 1984, our team of internationally well-known and experienced experts has been engaged in research and development in the area of radiation measurement.

Our current team sorted according to work areas with the respective professional experience in years:
  •   Managing Director 40
  •   Chemist (PhD) 11
  •   Chief Operation Officer 40
  •   Electronics Engineer (PhD) 40
  •  Electronics Technician 30
  •   Industrial Business Manager Assistant 20
  •   Physicist (PhD) 30
  •   Physicist 22
  •     Physicist-Engineer 30 20
  •   Industrial Designer 25
  •   Computer Scientist 17
  •   Marcom Designer 35

The team above has been primarily involved in product development, such as TMCA systems, PC plug-in cards such as the TISA, ISA and DMCA, the PPADC and perhaps the best known product, the identiFINDER, currently the world’s most successful hand-held radio-nuclide identifying device (RID).

All of these instruments exemplify the primary goal of the team: to design, manufacture and deliver the very best product to our customers while fully exhausting the limits of technical feasibility.

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” Arthur C. Clarke

Maximizing professional knowledge, creativity and innovation are all decisive factors when it comes to reaching the “limits of the possible” over and over again. Our compiled team puts us in the fortunate position of having all of these factors at our disposal. For this reason our customers can expect from us measuring devices with outstanding performance characteristics in the future as well.


* The identiFINDER® is a Teledyn FLIR Inc. product not sold by Target Systemelektronik GmbH & Co. KG.