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The Target F600 is a new type of hand-held measuring instrument that combines state-of-the-art spectroscopic radiation measurements and UHF RFID technology for the first time.

Specifically designed for operating in applications such as nuclear power plants, decommissioning & dismantling, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear waste management and radioprotection, the Target F600 helps the operator fully characterize and track objects, surfaces, radioactive waste bags, drums, large boxes and any type of item that could be produced and measured in these activities.

Measured samples are tagged with radiation-resistant RFID tags of the CAENSYS RadRFID family and the main information of the measurement results are written into the memory of these tags. Being a part of the CAENSYS DigiWaste platform, the F600 can insert measurement data and sample information into a central database.

F600 Parts


Write and read rad tolerant UHF RFID tags.

As soon as the acquisition is completed, the device stores the data in its internal memory together with the object description and detailed sample information. It also writes the most important data into rad tolerant UHF RFID tags able to sustain a radiation dose up to 100 Gy. In addition, the tag’s permanent ID allows for an easy and reliable identification of the tagged items, being objects, surfaces to be cleaned up, waste bags, boxes or drums.

RFID tag
Variants of UHF RFID tags
Barcode Icon

Barcode Scanner

Embedded 1D-2D barcode scanner

The rad-tolerant RFID tags of the CAENSYS RadRFID family are additionally tagged with a QR code with the permanent ID of the tag. If the RFID tag information is not readable for any reason, the F600 with its integrated barcode scanner can at least capture the ID of the tag. With this barcode scanner, the F600 is also able to process tags from older waste management systems, which usually use a 1D or 2D barcode to identify the objects.

Rad-tolerant UHF RFID tags with additional QR-code
Rad-tolerant UHF RFID tags with additional QR-code
Camera Icon

Color Camera

A picture tells more than thousand words.

In order to avoid any confusion and to facilitate subsequent processes, photos of the measured objects can be taken and associated with the corresponding measurement data.

Camera screen
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Quantum Gain Stabilization™

Excellent gain stabilization is critical to accurate and consistent Radionuclide Identification in unpredictable environments.

The gain stabilization used in the FinderWear system delivers better stability over large temperature ranges than has previously been available in backpack detection systems. Measured deviations obtained from very taxing temperature cycle testing that simulate extreme operating examples over the entire operating temperature range show deviations of less than 0.5% in peak position.

The patented Quantum Gain Stabilization method is based on methods that derive information dependent upon individual quantum events rather than by measuring gross effects (such as the current flowing through the PMT). In this way we are able to determine both the absolute gain of the PMT and the variation of the light yield from the scintillation crystal.

The consistent performance of the F600 under all conditions and environments, while maintaining the highest accuracy in the results, reduces false positives and expedites decision-making in the field.

F600 web interface
The web interface with a 10 MeV Thorium spectrum with visible myon photo peaks.
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One detector for a wide gamma range

Highly sophisticated analog and digital electronics make it possible for the first time to measure a wide gamma dose rate range.

The wide energy range from 10 keV to 10 MeV and a dose rate capability of 100 mSv/h is indispensable when it comes to field operations dealing with unknown threats. Minute radiation levels can be detected earlier, quicker and with higher accuracy than with other comparable portable instruments. Strong radiation sources are measured and identified even at mega-count per second input rates.

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One detector for gammas and neutrons

The F600 system uses the innovative NaIL single detector for neutron detection and gamma-ray spectroscopy.

Even the standard version with NaI detector is able to detect the presence of neutrons.

With NaIL detectors the standard NaI(Tl) material is co-doped with a low percentage (of the order of 1%) elemental Lithium that is enriched to 95% of the neutron sensitive radionuclide 6Li. The resulting detector leverages the advantage of the fully industrialized NaI(Tl) spectroscopic gamma-ray scintillator. The pulse shape difference between the light pulses arising from gamma-rays to those from neutrons is so large that simple pulse shape discrimination achieves rejection of false neutron pulses due to gamma-ray events.

In addition to the thermal neutron detection the F600 employs a new method that enables it to detect fast neutrons. The method (patent applied for) relies upon the recoil reactions that occur when a fast neutron interacts with Na nuclei in the NaIL crystal.

F600 Detector position
F600 with a 2" x 4" NaI / NaIL detector
Pulse Shape Discrimination
Pulse Shape Discrimination for thermal neutron detection from NaIL detector.

Easy Maintenance

Get on board with the built in web interface.

Its multiple interfaces and the built in web interface provides easy access to the F600. The interfacing mechanism also provides for secure remote maintenance and remote operation of the instrument. Every basic setting is available without special software.

The web interface
The web interface
Online software updates
Online software updates
Onboard manual
Onboard manual

No extra software is needed to connect your computer to the F600. With any modern web browser you can download and organize measurement results, set up the instrument or remotely operate the F600.



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Target Systemelektronik and CAEN Sys

have agreed to collaborate to develop the F600 as part of the CAENSYS DigiWaste platform.
The F600 will be sold as RadHAND 600 Pro.

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