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The Bigger, the Better

The Target F900 is a radio-nuclide identifier with a large single NaIL™ (NaI:TI, 6Li) detector (2“ x 4“ x 8”) packed into a rugged watertight housing.

The ultra-high-speed electronics in combination with the 2“ x 4“ x 8” NaIL detector delivers superior sensitivity over the unequalled energy range of 10 keV to 10 MeV. The sophisticated and reliable gamma spectroscopy software identifies nuclides in real time and detects thermal and fast neutrons. The field proven quantum gain patented stabilization method maintains excellent identification over the entire temperature range even with extreme temperature cycles. The F900 offers best in class performance with best radiological performance at minimum weight in a very robust (to IP67) and compact form factor.

The hot-swappable battery feature of the F900 enables the standard 20-hour run time to be easily extended without interruption to operation. The remote operating capability further extends the range of applications for which the F900 is ideally suited.

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Wide Range of Applications

At less than 7.7 kg (16.9 lbs) the F900 reduces operator fatigue in man borne missions.

A range of application specific stands and adapters drives easy reconfigurability for a wide range of applications. It can be easily mounted to the walls of a pedestrian gateway. The platform will also support mobile applications such as attaching to a vehicle, vessel, robot or UAV.

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Quantum Gain Stabilization

Excellent gain stabilization is critical to accurate and consistent Radionuclide Identification in unpredictable environments.

The gain stabilization used in the F900 system delivers better stability over large temperature ranges than has previously been available in backpack detection systems. Measured deviations obtained from very taxing temperature cycle testing that simulate extreme operating examples over the entire operating temperature range show deviations of less than 0.5% in peak position.

The patented Quantum Gain Stabilization method is based on methods that derive information dependent upon individual quantum events rather than by measuring gross effects (such as the current flowing through the PMT). In this way we are able to determine both the absolute gain of the PMT and the variation of the light yield from the scintillation crystal.

The rock stable performance of the F900 in all conditions and environments drives superior alarm adjudication in field operation.

The web interface with a 10 MeV Thorium spectrum with few cosmic events.
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One Detector for the entire Gamma-ray Dose Rate Range

Highly sophisticated analog and digital electronics make it possible for the first time to measure a wide gamma dose rate range.

The wide energy range from 10 keV to 10 MeV and a dose rate capability of 100 mSv/h is indispensable when it comes to field operations dealing with unknown threats. Minute radiation levels can be detected earlier, quicker and with higher accuracy than with other comparable portable instruments. Strong radiation sources are measured and identified even at mega-count per second input rates.

NaIL Detector
2" x 4" x 8" NaIL Detector
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One Detector for Gammas and Neutrons

The F900 FinderWear system uses the innovative NaIL single detector for neutron detection and gamma-ray spectroscopy.

The standard NaI(Tl) material is co-doped with a low percentage (of the order of 1%) elemental Lithium that is enriched to 95% of the neutron sensitive radionuclide 6Li. The resulting detector leverages the advantage of the fully industrialized NaI(Tl) spectroscopic gamma-ray scintillator. The pulse shape difference between the light pulses arising from gamma-rays to those from neutrons is so large that simple pulse shape discrimination achieves rejection of false neutron pulses due to gamma-ray events.

In addition to the thermal neutron detection the F900 FinderWear system employs a new method that enables it to detect fast neutrons. The method (patent applied for) relies upon the recoil reactions that occur when a fast neutron interacts with Na nuclei in the NaIL crystal.

Pulse Shape Discrimination
Pulse Shape Discrimination for thermal neutron detection from NaIL detector.

Remote Control

Use any mobile device to remote operate the F900.

Connect your Android or iOS device with the F900 via Bluetooth. The Target F900-App makes your device work as an external display and gives you full control to the F900.

With the supplied padded backpack and low weight, the F900 is ideal for investigaing potentially contaminated terrain or for security surveys at mass events and the like. The measurement results are displayed on an iOS or Android device paired via Bluetooth; alarms can also be triggered on a paired Apple Watch. This allows a completely inconspicuous work with the F900.

The hot-swappable battery feature of the F900 enables the standard run time to be easily extended without interruption to operation. The space-saving housing of the F900 can be reconfigured for a variety of applications.

To be used as a stationary safety checkpoint, the F900 simply has to be taken out of the backpack and mounted to the supplied tripod. The remote operating capability further extends the range of applications for which the F900 is ideally suited.

The software of the F900 provides the streaming of measurement data to a dedicated server. In this way, several F900s can be connected to a measuring network.

Survey Screen
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Auto-Id and Dynamic Background

The newly developed dynamic background analysis enables the automatic triggering of an identification.

The F900 continuously analyses background radiation and distinguishes between natural background and man-made radioactive sources. Increased count rates will not result in an alarm unless the background analysis is certain that a man-made source is responsible for the increase.

If the analysis detects a man-made radioactive source, an alarm is triggered and the responsible nuclide is automatically identified. On the one hand, this method accelerates the reaction to a real danger situation and, on the other hand, minimizes the false alarm rate.

Survey Mode
Easy Finder
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Perfect Usability in Any Position

Due to the versatility of the F900, it may happen that the F900 is used upside down.

When standing upside down, the F900 rotates its display content, but leaves the button labelling next to the buttons. In this way, the F900 can be safely and easily operated, whether it is in a backpack, on its supplied feet or mounted on a wall.


Measurement Tracking

Built in GPS for mapping

F900 continuously tracks position, dose rate, alarms, and identification results. All data is saved in ANSI N42.42 compliant files containing the GPS-position of the measurement. The F900 App views a map with the current position and dose rate.

Software on the streaming server can easily aggregate and visualize GPS data of a F900 measurement session.


Rugged Construction

Drop-tested up to 1 meter and built to survive rigorous missions

Drop-tested at 1 meter and certified for operation at one meter depth in water assures robust operation even in adverse environmental conditions. The hermetically sealed robust enclosure assures robustness against environmental conditions even at underwater depths of 3.3 feet (1 meter).


Convenient Maintenance

Get on board with the built in web interface.

Multiple interface types and the built-in web interface provide a powerful array of reach-back operation options. Transmission of the data from the F900 uses standard industry protocols. State-of-health information is automatically provided and available for transmission enabling a remote technician to diagnose the cause of the failure and to initiate the appropriate action protocol.

The spectrum page
The spectrum page
Online software updates
Online software updates
Expert settings
Operator settings

No extra software is needed to connect your computer to the F900. With any modern web browser you can download and organize measurement results, set up the instrument or remotely operate the F900.



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