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Target Systemelektronik
Target F500

It's bigger on the inside

The Target F500 is an ultra-compact rugged sensitive Radionuclide Identifying Device.

Target F500 Transparent

It provides superior usability by offering a wider energy range, higher throughput, and better stability in a wearable hand-held. For the first time, a 2”x 2” size detector is combined with high precision, high-speed digital electronics in an ergonomic lightweight enclosure. The novel design features a water-tight aluminum housing and is small enough to be worn on a belt.

92 mm x 232 mm x 88 mm (3.62“ x 9.13“ x 3.46“)

<1,300 g (<2.86 lbs)

Size Comparison RIID
An overview of enclosure size, detector size and weight of comparable Radionuclide Identifying Devices (RIIDs) on the market.

Engineered with passion

The wide energy range from 10 keV to 10 MeV and a dose rate capability of 100 mSv/h is indispensable when it comes to field operations dealing with unknown threats. Minute radiation levels can be detected earlier, quicker and with higher accuracy than with other comparable hand-helds. Strong radiation sources are measured and identified even at mega-count per second input rates. The F500 comes with the novel patented stabilization based on the measurement of the photon noise charge. Thereby gain shifts and temperature effects are completely compensated. The hermetically sealed waterproof device is well suited for its mission on land, on water, and even underwater to 10 meters diving depth.

Dose Rate Screen - high dose
Dose-rate mode
Finder Screen
Finder mode
Identification Screen
Identification mode
Identification Result Screen
Identification results

A crisp trans-flective high resolution display supports operation in bright sunlight as well as in the dark.  All measurements are saved on the instrument (32 GB storage capacity), and can easily be transferred without special software. Its multiple interfaces and the built in web interface allow reach-back operation. The interfacing mechanism also provides for secure remote maintenance and remote operation of the instrument.

The spectrum page
Data base entry for a dose rate alarm
Remote operate with help

No extra software is needed to connect your computer to the F500. With any modern web browser you can download and organize measurement results, set up the instrument or remotely operate the F500.